In our society new media and technology are rapidly taking over many of our traditional communication systems. We are increasingly communicating in visual language, with games, simulations, animations and apps here to stay.

VIVID (Value Increase by Visual Design) is a cross-border network in which a number of leading parties in this field have joined forces to give the sector an economic boost. A cross-sectoral approach has been chosen in which education, industry, research and local government work closely together. The VIVID project has nine partners: the municipality of Breda (NL), Avans University (NL), NHTV University (NL), Huis voor Beeldcultuur (House of Visual Culture) (NL), Strategische Projectorganisatie Kempen (Strategic Project Organisation Kempen) (BE), Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles (FR), CRRAV/Pole Images (FR), Southampton Solent University (UK) and Anglia Ruskin University (UK). The cooperation between the nine partners is aimed at combining skills in the field of visual design through the interchange of knowledge and research, promoting creative entrepreneurship and showcasing visual design to a broad public. The project is supported by the European Interreg IV A Programme “2 Mers Seas Zeeën”.

  • Stimulate knowledge and research
  • Promote creative entrepreneurship
  • Showcase results


  • A sustainable cross-border Visual Design (knowledge) network;
  • A cross-border exchange programme between universities;
  • New educative tools and visual design applications;
  • Cross-border cooperation at Visual Design events;
  • Market introductions of innovative Visual Design products;
  • Start-ups of young Visual Design professionals;
  • Facilities for young entrepreneurs to start up a business;
  • Enhanced Visual Design profile of the partner cities


  • Students at the universities;
  • Companies that will use new concepts and products;
  • Youngsters at primary and secondary schools;
  • Users of new visual design applications;
  • Visitors to the visual design institutions and public activities.

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The VIVID project has been made possible by a grant within the 2 Seas program of Interreg program
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